UMD Alumni Advisor Network

Grow your network! Sign into the UMD Alumni Advisor Network and access alumni who work at top organizations across 30 different fields! Here is how it works: 

  • Search - Find alumni you’d like to connect with based on their organization or industry.
  • Select - Pick an alum you’d like to talk with.
  • Connect - Meet via phone or email for a career conversation, mock interview, or resume critique.
  • Access videos - Not ready to begin a conversation? Watch one of the over 100 videos from experts working in your field of interest. 


Review these resources before getting started:

What are UMD students saying about the UMD Alumni Advisor Network? Check it out.

“Really enjoyed the conversation. The Advisor gave me some great advice on navigating the interview process which is exactly what I was looking for.”

“Speaking with the Advisor was incredibly helpful, he gave me great advice for what my next steps should be in my career search!”

“The Advisor was my first consultation. He was extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Our conversation changed my perspective on my current position. He showed me that my current background and experiences have prepared me for careers that I look forward to. He also advised me on what I can be doing to move forward in my career. He gave me concrete steps on what I can be doing to bolster my experiences and make myself more marketable.”

“I definitely learned more than I expected. Very glad I made this call and really excited to see what my career is going to be like. Also, great advice that I did not think about before.”

“The Advisor gave me some great advice for finding internships and shared her experience of working in different public relations agencies.”