UMD Alumni Advisor Network: BSOS Student Tips

Make the most of your time with the Advisor(s) by using the tips below to prepare ahead of time. Three services are provided through the UMD Alumni Advisor Network, Career Conversations, Resume Critiques, and Mock Interviews. Review the tips for each service you are interested in pursuing and get started.

Career Conversations

  • Prepare questions ahead of time to ask the Advisor (sample list) to ensure the conversation is robust. 
  • Be prepared to share some information about yourself. Advisors don’t have the benefit of seeing your LinkedIn profile, so they may be curious about your major, career interests, or past experiences.
  • Be available during the agreed upon time. 
  • Express thanks for their time. Remember the Advisors are volunteering their time!

Resume Critiques

  • Have your resume reviewed by a Peer Career Educator at the University Career Center before submitting it to an Advisor.
  • Advisors will be a great source of information for resume norms in that field so make sure your "general" resume has a clean format and no grammar mistakes. 
  • Consider posing questions to the Advisor along with submitting your resume (i.e. Is a one-page resume the norm for this field? Are there certain skills I should highlight on this resume for xyz field?).

Mock Interviews

  • This is your chance to practice answering interview questions with a professional in your field of interest. Prepare ahead of time by reviewing the interview prep resources offered by the University Career Center.
  • Let the Advisor know what you hope to achieve through the experience (i.e. practice answering certain kinds of questions, feedback on your use of slang words, practice clearly articulating your experiences).
  • Ask the Advisor if there is anything he/she needs to prepare for the mock interview (i.e. a copy of your resume may help them develop some questions).

Questions? Contact the Crystal Sehlke, Program Director at the University Career Center @ BSOS at or 301-314-7241