Receive credit for your professional development?

Review the career related courses available to BSOS undergraduates.

  • EDCP108I: Academic Transition into Internships – a one-credit online class preparing students for successfully landing an internship and how to reflect on the experience. Led by the University Career Center. 
  • PSYC123: The Psychology of Getting Hired – a one-credit online course for freshmen and sophomore, it looks at what’s behind the hiring process, applying psychological principles and strategies for landing internships/jobs. Led by the University Career Center. 
  • UNIV362: Designing Your Life After College - a two-credit innovative course that is designed to help students navigate the transition out of college. 
  • COMM488I: Communication Portfolio Project; Strategic Interviewing - This course introduces students to advanced techniques in interviewing for job opportunities and career progression. This online course focuses on the dynamics of the interview process, the communication theories and best practices behind influence and persuasion, and the communication aptitudes and skills that distinguish top candidates.
  • UNIV099: Internship Seminar – a zero-credit course that complements supervised work experiences and assures that these experiences are noted on the student’s transcript. Led by the University Career Center. 

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BSOS Internship Courses:

  • BSOS 288I (1-3 credits), Internship Practicum in the Social Sciences, open to students with 30-60 completed credits by the end of the previous semester.  
  • BSOS 355  (3 credits), Social Science Internship Practicum, fulfills the GenEd Scholarship in Practice requirement.  It is open to students who have completed 61 or more credits who have an internship related to the behavioral and social sciences.
  • BSOS 386 (3-6 credits), Experiential Learning is open to students who have completed 61 or more credits.

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Expand and gain new skills with these courses:

Minor in an area of interest to gain additional skills.

  • Impact Consulting Fellowship- a two month long remote project open to all undergraduate, MBA and masters students at the University of Maryland. Over the course of the fellowship students will work in teams to help solve pressing business challenges for real impact driven organizations. Please note that this fellowship is unpaid and will require roughly 10-15 hours of labor per week. Applications are due May 24, 2020.
  • Innovo Scholars Consulting- teaches students how to solve complex problems and manage the dynamics of client-focused engagements
  • IDEA258A - Becoming a Design Thinker
  • BSOS388B - Do Good Now for Credit (Fall/Spring)

Data Analytics in the Social Sciences  Gain skills that equip you with tools to create a narrative for big data. A variety of classes are available. Enhance your employability with these courses. 

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INST123 Databases for All (3 credits, DSSP)- Check Testudo for sessions 

This course is an introduction to relational databases for students with no previous programming experience. This course provides a means for students of diverse backgrounds to successfully learn how to store, retrieve, and maintain data in relational databases. Students are not expected to have any computer programming experience.Topics include a brief comparison of database systems with an emphasis on relational databases, fundamental relational database concepts, and data types. It also includes technical approaches to accessing information stored in relational databases, including problem analysis, query creation, and execution, as well as debugging techniques. Students will implement solutions by learning and using the Structured Query Language (SQL) and a relational database management system (RDBMS) to populate and query a series of sample databases. This is a hands-on course; students will be writing, analyzing, and testing SQL queries. 

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