Implement the search strategies listed below and create an action plan to get started on your next internship or job search. Check out these search infographics for a quick overview. 

Find an internship


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Access openings not advertised anywhere by gaining leads from friends, family, and contacts. This is the number one most effective search strategy to identify openings! Start the conversation with the steps below.  Read more: How to Create Opportunities Rather Than Compete for Them, by Vault.

  1. Make a list of EVERYONE you know, regardless of their profession (i.e. you don’t know who they know!)
  2. Informational interviews - request 15-20 minutes to learn more about their career path or organization
  3. Track your progress and follow through on referrals
  4. Top questions to ask during a “job seeking” informational interview 
  5. Research organizations to add to your target list. 

Expand your network

  • LinkedIn - join groups or review UMD’s alumni page to connect with alumni and employers of interest
  • Terrapins Connect - connects students with UMD alumni 
  • Employer networking events - attend to meet professionals and gain knowledge of openings
  • Linktank - offers a listing of off campus events, grouped by professional interests
  • Intern - make the most of your internship by requesting informational interviews 
  • Intern for a Day - one day shadowing experience that allows students to forge connections
  • Career Shuttles - a half day, group experience to visit an organization of interest

 Expand your search: Identify organizations of interest 

Identify what type of organizations are of interest and contact (via mail, email, or in person) the organizations to inquire about potential openings, regardless of an advertised position. Research your industry’s hiring trends because this method may not be appropriate to implement in all industries.Pac man job search word cloud image

Make a connection, start a conversation, and make a positive impression
“Follow” the organization’s website. Many organizations have a You Tube Channel, Twitter handle, LinkedIn Page, or Facebook that you can follow, like, or post engaging comments. The University Career Center can help with connections. Review: Terrapins Connect ● UMD LinkedIn Alumni Page ● UCC Calendar of Events.

Listing Resources

Engagement opportunities, BSOS co-curricular
Careers4Terps, UMD’s online job and internship listing database: Orientation video create a search alert  job search tips (video)

BSOS Blog features job/internship opportunities (on and off campus)
On Campus Interview program, interview for off campus positions on campus
Part-time job positions off and on campus (how to tips)

Other Resources

Resources for Protected Groups


Job & Internship Opportunities: