The BSOS Career Plan will provide you with a road map of suggested activities to help you be successful post-graduation. Start with "Assess Yourself" below and click on the links to build your action plan.


1Assess Yourself - Can you list five of your skills, abilities, interests, and values? If the answer is no, click the Assess Yourself link to explore steps that increase your self-knowledge and relates to career options.

2Explore Career Options - Students learn more about career paths, details about their career of interest, engage with professionals working in fields of interest, and start to consider how they could try out their interests.

3 Gain Experience - Employers seek students with marketable skills obtained through internships, research experiences, study abroad, service learning, leadership roles, etc. This section details what you should consider when gaining experiences and how to market those experiences within application materials.

4 Job Search/Graduate School: Planning for Post Graduation - Does your chosen career field require an advance degree? Not sure what your chosen career field is or how to start a job search? Click the Plan for Post-Graduation link to get started today.


Decision Making Steps: 1. Assess 2. Explore options 3. Gain experience 4. Consider additional school 5. Job search; repeat