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Terrapins Connect, is an online platform that allows students’ virtual access to UMD alumni who have volunteered to share industry specific information and as well as conduct resume reviews, among other things.

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Ways to connect with alumni

  • Events- review a list of on campus programs and virtual events to connect with alumni and employers.
  • LinkedIn’s Alumni tool allows users to research where UMD alumni are working and message alumni.
  • UMD career fairs and networking events attract many employers who are also Terps! 
  • Career Shuttles- take a ride with a small group of students to visit an organization for half a day. 
  • Intern for a Day- connects undergraduate students with alumni, parents, employers and community partners for one day internship/shadowing experiences.
  • Road Trips to the Real World- visit an organization for a day over winter break (options along the eastern coast).
  • Attend BSOS events to meet alumni and learn about new career options. 
  • Featured BSOS Alumni: Career Advice- review advice from alumni and learn from their experiences.

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Featured Networking Opportunities for BSOS Students:

Economics Fair
    Fall/Spring   |  Sept. 29, 2020
Intern for a Day
Fall | Winter Break |  Spring