Career Preparation

Are you ready to apply for your next internship or job? Review the links below to ensure you are prepared for the next opportunity around the corner. Check out the new Career Center Blog for additional tips. 

When asked, submit references (not on your resume, but on a separate document) with your name and contact information at the top, and list the name and contact information of the references. Review a reference sheet example in the Terp Guide, page 24. 

Create your “go-to” introduction to be used during interviews or while networking. 

  • Prepare for the different interview formats and dress accordingly.
  • Know what employers look for and expect during interviews.
  • Schedule a mock interview to practice. Tips for preparing for a mock interview. 
  • Interviewing videos- get tips from the professionals.  
  • Be knowledgeable in what is not an appropriate interview question and what your responsibility is once you have accepted a position.

  • Consider if you need academic credit or a salary for your next internship. What is available is based on the needs of your industry. 
  • Research the average salary for your next full time job and review the average cost of living for that area.
  • Consider what is negotiable along with how in demand your skills are for that industry.
  • Complete a budget worksheet to identify your salary needs. 

Review additional resources, services, workshops, and links by visiting the University Career Center & The President’s Promise website.