Employers review resumes very quickly, so make sure the skills/qualities they are seeking are easy to locate! That means no two resumes will look alike. That being said, if you hate fighting with bullet alignment, use this Example Resume Template to start your draft.      

 Resume Examples

  • Economics- Displays coursework, honors and related experiences. 
  • Hesp- An example of on-campus involvement and part-time jobs. 
  • Criminology- Highlights related work experience and skills in law enforcement. 
  • Federal Resume- If you will be applying to federal positions, review this resume format.
  • Geography- Displays a study abroad and technical skills related to GIS.    
  • Anthropology- Uses a different format and highlights a research experience. 
  • Sociology- Example includes a research project, related experience, community service and professional skills. 
  • Psychology- Highlights lab experience, counseling experience and activities.  
  • Government & Politics- Uses customized headers to highlight industry specific examples.


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