Click on Each Logo for BSOS Students' Presentations on Internships in Washington, DC:



circle of gold braid around navy strip w/ gold "Department of Justice" w/ 3 stars around eagle on blue, red & white banner     Elephant cut out with top half navy blue with 3 white stars, bottom half and trunk red     Circular Seal of the US Naval Heritage Command  


     circle seal with navy strip reading "United States Senate" in gold w/ 4 gold stars, around off white circle with eagle with spread wings holding ribbon "E Pluribus Unum" in beak, olive branch in one leg, arrows in the other, 13 white stars in blue backround surrounded by gold above its head   circular seal with yellow rim & yellow text on blue "US House of Representatives"  13 stars above an eagle holding an olive branch & arrows inside


Click on Each Logo for BSOS Students' Presentations on Internships in Maryland:

  Gold Montgomery County Police badge with eagle wings and Maryland state banner        

  Frederick County Health Department banner logo White "t" in tan frame with navy border above "Public Health: Prevent, Promote, Protect"        START in red capital letters with a black, a grey and a light grey arrowhead to the right, "National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism on second and third lines   

Text "Andalman & Flynn" in black font over a solid line. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, all in capitals, below the line

S P E E CH on six stick figures holding hands. The Es are identical twins.      Photo of Maryland General Assembly exterior with state flag in foreground       YMCA "Y" logo in purple and turquoise


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         a map of Pennsylvania in yellow against a black background and "Tom Wolf for Governor" in black       


Click on Photo Below to Read Tips from BSOS Student Panel About Interning on the Hill and in Annapolis:


You may read what hundreds of other BSOS students say about their internships in the internship reviews maintained by the Program Director for Experiential Learning. Binders arranged by sector are available to any student in our college by appointment (email khopps [at] umd [dot] edu; phone 301.405.1631).  These reviews cover internships:

  • In Maryland, Virginia, DC and other states
  • On campus
  • On Capitol Hill, in the Maryland General Assembly and in local government
  • In private sector firms in such fields as finance, entertainment/sports, and marketing
  • In law firms and advocacy groups
  • In social work and health care
  • In federal agencies such as the Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Park Service, and many others
  • In law enforcement agencies such as metropolitan and county police departments and the Supreme Court Police

“I’ve interned at the Smithsonian’s Museum Conservation Institute, the Natural History Museum’s Forensic Anthropology Lab and the Archaeology in Annapolis Lab.  These have been some of the most rewarding opportunities because I believe that being an anthropology major is more than just taking the classes—it’s about getting out there and getting those real-world experiences.”

--Raquel Fleskes, B.A. Anthropology

“I’m interested in pursuing a career doing malware analysis, Web development or intelligence analysis.  All of my internships and conference experiences have provided me invaluable insight into crime, nation-state-sponsored economic espionage and implications of cyber-attacks on various institutions of business and government.”  --Jonathan Dixon, B.A. Economics

“As an intern in Congressman Steny Hoyer’s (D-Md.) office, I learned about the day-to-day operations of a legislative office while gaining valuable policy research experience.  It was an amazing opportunity for me to apply what I had learned in class to the real world.”

--Niranjan Murali, B.A. Government & Politics/Master's of Public Policy