The University offers its students the opportunity to pursue their studies in foreign countries and apply this experience to their University of Maryland degree.  In many cases, education abroad courses can be used to satisfy University and departmental requirements.  Please note, students must complete their Fundamental Studies (AW & MA/FE &FM) GenEd/CORE requirements before they will be given permission to study abroad.  If you are interested in studying abroad, you should plan ahead.  Also be aware that the University of Maryland has a residency degree requirement policy.   

If you are interested in education abroad, please follow the steps below:

1. Meet with the Education Abroad advising staff in 1118 H.J. Patterson Hall to discuss study abroad options.

2. Meet with a department advisor to discuss how education abroad will work with your major requirements.

3. Meet with a college advisor to discuss how education abroad will best fit into your overall degree requirements, keeping in mind any relevant university policies.

4. Apply to the education abroad program of your choice. 

* After you are accepted to an education abroad program, continue with the remaining steps below. *

5. Complete an official academic audit:

  • Review your Degree Navigator report and make sure it is accurate.
  • Schedule an appointment with a department advisor to complete the first portion of your audit.
  • Schedule an appointment with a college advisor to complete the second and final portion of your audit.

6. Start your Permission to Study Abroad (PSA) or Study Abroad Course Pre-Approval form with an Education Abroad Advisor:

  • Be sure to bring the list of courses you would like to take abroad, including a number of alternates to your meeting with an Education Abroad Advisor.
  • Take the PSA form to your department advisor for approval if you plan to take courses abroad in order to fulfill major requirements
  • After receiving approval from your department advisor, take your PSA form to a college advisor for final approval.


7. Submit your PSA to Education Abroad and complete any final steps necessary as dictated by Education Abroad.