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Are you studying Behavioral and Social Sciences? Are you interested in using the tools of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Be The Solution to the world’s great challenges? Join the BSOS Solutions Lab, a series of courses designed to introduce BSOS students to innovation and entrepreneurship!

Email BSOS-Ugdean [at] umd [dot] edu for more information about any of these courses.


Spring 2021 Courses


BSOS288A - Neurodiversity in the Workplace (1 cr)

Learn about successful strategies for neurodiverse college students to plan career paths while in college. Understand why employers may look to hire neurodiverse employees in their industries. Learn about the university resources available to neurodiverse college students to support a successful pathway through college and into a career. Learn ways to support and advocate for full disability inclusion on campus and in the workplace. Click here for sample syllabus.


BSOS388B/PLCY388D - Innovation & Social Change: Do Good Now (3 cr)

Introduces students to the concept of social innovation while exploring the many mechanisms for achieving social impact. It is team-based, highly interactive and dynamic, and provides an opportunity for students to generate solutions to a wide range of problems facing many communities today. Deepens the students understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation practices by guiding them through the creation and implementation process as applied to a project idea of their choice. This course is offered in collaboration with the Do Good Institute.


BSOS388F/GVPT388B - Innovation in the Public Sector (3 cr)

How does innovation occur in the public sector? How can government serve as a catalyst for problem-solving? Using the tools of innovation and entrepreneurship, this laboratory course engages students in a semester-long project to innovate change around a specific public sector issue or industry in our local or regional community. Some examples might include: public broadband access, sustainability infrastructure, transportation improvements, or health care access in the College Park, Prince George's, or Maryland communities. Lead instructor Ken Ulman,'97 is the former Howard County Executive who now heads the University's efforts to transform College Park into one of the most innovative university towns in the country. For more information, please contact co-instructor Katie Gerbes.

BSOS388X - Innovation in the Public Sector II (3 cr)  

An internship course with Ken Ulman and the Margrave Team. By permission of instructor only. For more information please contact Katie Gerbes.