The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences is the academic home or academic partner for the following undergraduate academic programs.

Please visit the Feller Center for academic advising and career planning. 


African American Studies (BA)
Anthropology (BA and BS)
Criminology & Criminal Justice (BA)
Economics (BA and BS)
Environmental Science and Policy (BS) - Academic Partner
Geographical Sciences (BS)
Geographical Sciences - Geographical Information Science Concentration (BS)
Government & Politics (BA)
Government & Politics - International Relations Concentration (BA)
Hearing and Speech Sciences (BA)
Neuroscience (BS) - Academic Partner
Psychology (BA & BS)
Sociology (BA)
*Social Data Science - Coming Soon


Black Women's Studies
Geographic Informational Sciences
Hearing and Speech Science
International Development and Conflict Management
Survey Methodology
MLAW Law & Society
Global Terrorism Studies
Remote Sensing of Environmental Change
African Studies

Bachelor's/Master's Programs

Anthropology (BA-BS with MAA)
International Relations (BA with MA)
BSOS & Public Policy (BA-BS in BSOS with MPP in School of Public Policy)
BSOS & Business (BA-BS in BSOS with Plus-1 MS in Smith School of Business)
Bachelors/Masters in Applied Political Analytics
Geographical Sciences (BS with MS)
Sociology (BA with MA)

Living-Learning Programs

College Park Scholars - Academic Partner
Global Communities
Honors College - Academic Partner
Carillon Communities - Academic Partner