Listed below are some of the common forms that students may print and complete on their own. When completing the form, please read the directions and complete all of the applicable sections of the form before submitting. Be sure to note the proper procedure for the form. Please click on the title to view the form.

Official Audit Worksheet 
Students must complete an Official Audit. An audit consists of the student reviewing Degree Audit in Testudo to ensure all requirements are being applied correctly, the department reviewing the student’s record, and then the college reviewing the student’s record.

Benchmark Appeal Form
If students do not meet their benchmarks, they may appeal. This form must be submitted within 2 weeks of notification of the dismissal from the major.

Limited Enrollment Program (LEP) Appeal Form
1) Current LEP students may submit an appeal form for an exception to the gateway requirements, 2.0 GPA policy or the repeat policy. This form must be submitted to the Undergraduate Director of the LEP department.
2) Students wishing to gain admission to the major may submit an appeal form for an exception to: the repeat policy, repeat application policy, or to return to the major. This form must be submitted to the BSOS Advising Center in 2148 Tydings Hall.

Undergraduate Registering for Graduate Course