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  Monday-Friday at 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

  Please call:  301-405-1697                     

  Or email:  BSOSadvising [at] umd [dot] edu or BSOScareers [at] umd [dot] edu


                                                         We look forward to assisting you!



                                            Schedule your 30 minute appointment here

                            Drop-Ins are now available virtually: Monday - Friday, 1 - 4pm

                                                                Phone: 301-405-1697  

                                                                  (Please leave a message and a staff member will contact you)


College Contacts: https://bsosundergrad.umd.edu/advising/contact-us

Departmental Contacts:  https://bsosundergrad.umd.edu/advising/departmental-advising-contact


                                    FREQUENTLY REQUESTED ADVISING SERVICES


  • To Add/Change a Major: 

    How do students add/change a major in the College?            

    1.Students must meet with the department advisor and obtain the change/addition of major form with appropriate signatures and stamps:Departmental advisor contact info:  https://bsosundergrad.umd.edu/advising/departmental-advising-contact  

    2.Students then attend the Academic Planning Workshop online at: http://www.bsosworkshops.umd.edu/

    3. Students will submit the change/addition of major form with a completed academic plan online to the bsosmajorchange [at] umd [dot] edu

    4. Major change or addition of second major may take approximately 15 - 20 business days to process. 

    5. Students on academic probation/dismissal and other designated student populations will be required to schedule an      appointment with an advisor to process the major change.

  • Submit First-Semester Graduation Plan:

         First semester and Freshmen Connection students (who have already declared a BSOS major)   and still needing to submit their graduation plan, should do the following:

           1. View the graduation planning workshop by going to bsosworkshops.umd.edu.

           2. Submit your completed graduation plan to firstsemgradplan [at] umd [dot] edu  


                                                  Career Contact Information:

 Career appointments are offered virtually: go.umd.edu/careerappt 

 Career event information: go.umd.edu/careerevents

                                                                       Career planning staff:

 Crystal Sehlke, Program Director, csehlke [at] umd [dot] edu 

 Kristin Meyering, GA Career Advisor, bsoscareers [at] umd [dot] edu 

 Michelle Slone, Assistant Director of Special Events and Career Programs, mcslone [at] umd [dot] edu


 The University Career Center is open to address students' questions - 3100 Hornbake Library, 301.314.7225

                                                 Virtual appointments are offered. https://careers.umd.edu/ 










Tydings Hall

Academic advising is an integral part of each student's educational experience and it takes many forms.  Academic advisors in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS) provide students with information on academic requirements needed for degree completion, help students plan for future graduate study or a career, and serve as a point of contact for campus resurces.  Academic advising is a shared responsibility between the student and the advisor. 

Advising appointments are available via Zoom, phone, or by email, depending on the circumstances.

Advisors in the BSOS Advising Center can also connect students with their major advisors within the college.

If you are looking for a credit-bearing internship, you can check the BSOS Undergraduate Blog or your academic department’s listserv or blog, but you may also wish to explore the BSOS Internship Program the campus Internship Website, or the University Career Center @ BSOS Job/Internship Search Strategies. Note that many students choose not to earn academic credit for internships and instead highlight these important experiences on their resumes instead.

If you run into academic difficulty, your academic advisor may contact you. But, if you are experiencing problems or know that your GPA is in danger, please be proactive about seeking help from your advisor early. Please review the important information about academic probation and dismissal procedures.


The most frequently requested academic resources are:

Campus Resources

Accessibility & Disability Service (ADS)

0106 Shoemaker Building



Counseling Service

1101 Shoemaker Building



LGBT Equity Center

2218 Marie Mount Hall



Math Department Tutoring

0301 Mathematics Bldg



Math Success Program

2101 Annapolis Hall



Oral Communication Center (OCC)

2121 Skinner Building



Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education (OMSE)

1101 Hornbake Library, South Wing



Undocumented Student Program

Stamp- Engagement Suite 0110

301- 405-5084


University Career Center

2141 Tydings Hall



University Health Center



Tutoring & Academic Success Support


The Writing Center

1205 Tawes Hall



Some of the most frequently visited Program offices for BSOS students on campus include:


Program Offices

Pre-Law Advising

1117 Hornbake Library



Pre-Health Advising

1210 HJ Patterson Hall



Federal Fellows

2407 Marie Mount Hall



Global  Fellows

2407 Marie Mount Hall



Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research

1201 Marie Mount Hall