Tydings Hall

Academic advisors are available to assist you in the BSOS Advising Office and in your individual Academic Department Advising Offices in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Appointments, walk-in, phone, and email advising are all possible, depending on your circumstances.

The goal of advising is to help you maximize your undergraduate experience by making informed decisions about your academic and extracurricular opportunities.  Some students check-in with an academic advisor every semester. Some only seek assistance when they have a specific question or concern. It is your education and you are in charge. However, know that a team of advisors stand ready to assist you.

The most frequently requested academic resources on campus include the Learning Assistance Resources, the Counseling Center, and Accessibility & Disability Service.

Some of the most frequently visited Program offices for BSOS students on campus include the Pre-Law Advising, Pre-Med Advising, the University Career Center, Federal Fellows, Global Fellows, and the Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research.

If you are looking for a credit-bearing internship, you can check the BSOS Undergraduate Blog or your academic department’s listserv or blog, but you may also wish to explore the BSOS Internship Program the campus Internship Website, or the University Career Center @ BSOS Job/Internship Search Strategies. Note that many students choose not to earn academic credit for internships and instead highlight these important experiences on their resumes instead.

If you run into academic difficulty, your academic advisor may contact you. But, if you are experiencing problems or know that your GPA is in danger, please be proactive about seeking help from your advisor early. Please review the important information about academic probation and dismissal procedures.