How do students add/change a major in the College?

  1. Students must meet with the department advisor and obtain the change/addition of major form with appropriate signatures and stamps.
  2. Students then attend an academic planning workshop by signing up at
  3. Students will submit the change/addition of major form with completed academic plan to 2148 Tydings hall. 
  4. Major change or addition of second major may take approximately 15 business days to process
  5. Students on academic probation/dismissal and other designated student populations will be required to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor to process the major change.

Double Majors and Double Degrees

Students wishing to add a second major or degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Economics, Government and Politics, and/or Psychology must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.  The Departments of African American Studies, Anthropology, Geographical Sciences, Hearing and Speech Sciences, and Sociology will admit students as double majors on a case by case basis. First semester freshmen are exempt from the 3.0 grade point average requirement through the last day of classes of their first semester at the University of Maryland.

The university encourages students to complete their degrees in four years or 130 credits. Students wishing to declare a second major or degree will need to complete a plan that demonstrates their ability to successfully complete the major requirements in eight (8) semesters (four years).

Any student who will go over eight (8) semesters in completing their degree must appeal through their department and College for permission to add the second major/degree.

Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis at the department or College level.