Proofread all short responses.

  • Write your responses in Word first, before transferring into the application form.  Use spell-check and look for colored squiggly lines generated by Word as you type. Right-click when you see these lines and make corrections before you cut and paste your essay into the application.

  • Adhere to the suggested word counts.  The selection committee is looking for a substantial response that gives us insight into your experience.  However, responses should be concise and relevant to the experience.

  • After writing your response, go back to the essay prompt and verify that your response is truly addressing the questions asked.

  • Ask someone else to review your application and provide feedback before submitting.  This could be an advisor, parent, or even a friend.


Show a clear relationship between your experience and your BSOS major(s).

  • The selection committee wants to see how your experience is meaningfully related to your academics and future career plans.  Provide details about what makes your experience unique.

  • The selection committee is more likely to fund experiences related to BSOS fields rather than extracurricular activities or a second major in another college.


Provide specific and reasonable dollar estimates for the expenses associated with your experience.

  • Typical awards fall will fall between the $250-$1250 range to offset expected costs.

  • Do some research on your expenses to avoid overestimating or underestimating costs, especially for professional attire.

  • You should calculate and list estimated costs for expenses like metro fees, gas money, parking, etc. by multiplying daily/weekly fees by the total length of your experience.

  • For travel expenses, please list the distance you need to travel as well as where you are traveling to and from.

  • When calculating expenses, be thrifty.  The selection committee appreciates students’ attempts to find reasonably priced plane tickets, professional clothing items, etc.