Organized in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest and most widely respected academic honorary society in the United States. Invitation to membership is based on outstanding scholastic achievement in studies of the liberal arts and sciences. Student members are chosen entirely on the basis of academic excellence. The following BSOS students were inducted into the University of Maryland's Phi Beta Kappa Gamma Chapter in Spring 2018. To view previous semesters' inductees, click here

Congratulations, BSOS Terps! 


Salman Americianaki, Government & Politics

Cayli Baker, Government & Politics

Jochobed Cadet, Sociology

Deborah Choi, Psychology

Nora Doyle, Psychology 

Sarah Duncan, Government & Politics

Avraham Eisenstein, Psychology

Christopher Eyo, Psychology

Hailey Fleece, Psychology

Melinda Fu, Government & Politics

Rebecca Goodridge, Hearing & Speech Sciences

Jeremy Gordon, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Molly Higgins, Psychology

Erika Hinkle, Psychology

Daniel Hoffman, Government & Politics

Cameron Ivey, Economics

Caroline Johnson, Government & Politics - International Relations

Meredith Johnston, Psychology

Alyssa Jordan, Anthropology

Alexandra Kindahl, Psychology

Leanne Klock, Economics

Sara Kosterlitz, Psychology

Erica Lee, Government & Politics

Julianna Lee, Geographical Sciences

Hope Loiselle, Anthropology

Kinsey Manchester, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Kanta Mendon, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Katherine O'Reilly, Economics

Sarvar Oreizi-Esfahani, Psychology

Tyler Plack, Economics

Kendra Pryor, Anthropology

Vanessa Reyes, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Christopher Ricigliano, Government & Politics

Ari Rickman, Government & Politics

Griffin Riddler, Government & Politics - International Relations

Mitchell Rock, Government & Politics

Paige Rodrigues, Government & Politics 

Madeline Roesler, Economics

Erica Marie Ryan, Economics

Bronwen Schriml, Government & Politics - International Relations

Max Settineri, Environmental Science & Policy

Alexander Shapiro, Government & Politics - International Relations

Yasmin Shemali, Government & Politics

Justin Silverberg, Government & Politics

Elinor Stern, Psychology

Eli Stopack, Economics

Alexis Tanenbaum, Psychology

Karyna Todd, Economics

Elizabeth Truitt, Environmental Science & Policy

Katelyn Turner, Government & Politics

Jacob Veitch, Government & Politics

Daryan Ver Ploeg, Government & Politics

Tiffany Wang, Anthropology

Samantha Wilkins, Psychology

Daniel Wolff, Criminology & Criminal Justice




Jordan Brown, Psychology

Jane Khin, Hearing & Speech Sciences

Katia Cavigelli, Government & Politics - International Relations

Andrew Lazara, Geographical Sciences