1. Maintain a 3.5 grade point average and a BSOS major as your primary major.
  2. Meet with a BSOS BA/MPP advisor as soon as possible to review your academic plan. 
  3. Complete ECON 200 and STAT100 (or equivalent) in order to start taking School of Public Policy courses. 
  4. Turn in a PLCY Prerequisite Form two weeks prior to registering for PLCY courses. 
  5. Focus on the 6 core courses while you are an undergraduate. You should complete a least 4 of the core courses, and preferably 5, before you receive your bachelor’s degree to be considered for graduate funding. The core courses BA/MPP students can take are Statistics (PLCY610),  Microeconomics (PLCY640), Normative and Political DImensions of Public Policy (PLCY688E), Management and Accountability (PLCY688G).
  6. You may not take more than 6 PLCY courses as an undergraduate.  Any additional PLCY courses that you take as an undergraduate will not be counted toward your MPP degree.
  7. In your final semester as an undergraduate student, you will need to apply to the MPP program. Only complete the demographic information in the online application and pay the online application fee. Do not submit a personal statement, letters of recommendation, or a transcript.  As long as you have met the program requirements, you will be admitted to the MPP program.
  8. Once you are admitted as an MPP student, you will be eligible to compete with the second year MPP students for funding. You will receive further information about potential graduate assistantships via email. Your grades in the core courses are the primary criteria used for evaluating your eligibility for funding.  Students who have taken at least 5 of the 6 core courses have the best chances of being selected.
  9. While in the BA/MPP program you are ineligible for any other joint programs offered through the University of Maryland.