Student Services Staff 

Russell, Katherine • Associate Dean • BSOS-UGDean [at] umd [dot] edu • x51692


BSOS Student Services 

Marks, Peggy •  Coordinator for Student Services Administration    pmarks [at] umd [dot] edu   •  x51692  

Hall, Kristi •  Associate Director for Undergraduate Education    khall [at] umd [dot] edu   x51072

Shear, Margo •  Coordinator for Undergraduate Communications & Recruitment    mshear [at] umd [dot] edu   •  x51434


BSOS Advising Leadership

Cradock, Christie •  Director of BSOS Advising    ccradock [at] umd [dot] edu   •  x51697

Anderson-Howell, Rosalyn •  Assistant Director of BSOS Advising  •    rosalyn [at] umd [dot] edu   •  x51697

Bethke, Kim •  Assistant Director of BSOS Advising    kbethke [at] umd [dot] edu   •  x51697

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BSOS Career Planning 

Sehlke, Crystal •  Program Director, University Career Center @ BSOS  • csehlke [at] umd [dot] edu   •  301.314.7241 

Hopps, Kathryn •  Program Director, Experiential Learning (BSOS Internships, Education Abroad)  • khopps [at] umd [dot] edu   •  x51631 

Frese, Kristen •  Graduate Assistant  •  kfrese [at] umd [dot] edu  •  x52236