Course proposals (BSOS PCC & Campus VPAC)
To create a new course or modify an existing course, navigate to . From there, you can click the "propose a new course" button to start a new course proposal. If you want to modify a course,  type the course prefix and number (e.g. BSOS100) into the search box. Once the course information loads, you can modify or retire the existing course. If you are unsure of the course number, you can search the complete roster of your courses by typing your prefix (e.g. *BSOS*). These directions are also on the course admin landing page.
GenEd proposals (BSOS PCC & Campus Undergraduate General Education Review Boards)
To create a new GenEd course or modify an existing course, navigate to From there, you can create a new course or modify an existing course in the same process as the standard course proposals. 
Program proposals (BSOS PCC & Senate PCC Committee)
To create a new or modify and existing academic program (e.g. major, minor, certificate, master's, PhD), navigate to . From there you can create a new program or modify and existing program through the same process as for individual course proposals. 
Tracking proposals
To check the approval status of a proposal (course or program) or to locate it within the approval chain, navigate to the correct admin page. Type in the course or program number and the workflow status will appear on the right hand column. 
Approving and editing proposals
To approve or edit a program or a course (creation or modification) proposal,  Navigate to . From there, under the "Courseleaf" heading, click on "approve pages." Then select your role from the dropdown menu in the middle of the page. All of your pending proposals should load in the top window. You can then select the proposal you want to review and use the buttons on the left side of the page. If you want to see the edits or changes made, use the "hide or view changes" button. If you need access to these pages, email mcolson [at] umd [dot] edu for approval.  


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If you have questions about any of the approval chains or processes, please be in touch with your college contacts.

Dr. Kristi Hall, BSOS Associate Director for Undergraduate Education, khall [at] umd [dot] edu

Ms. Giselle Denbow, BSOS Coordinator for Undergraduate Education, gdenbow [at] umd [dot] edu

Dr. Katherine Russell, BSOS Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, krussell [at] umd [dot] edu


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