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The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS) is a leader in understanding and encouraging sustainability on campus and across the globe. Through technology and hands-on research, BSOS faculty and students are exploring how economic progress affects our physical environment and vice versa. By encouraging global sustainability, BSOS strives to "Be the Solution" to the world's great challenges.

BSOS was the first academic college to develop and launch a college-wide sustainability plan. In the plan, four main initiatives are outlined: Student Engagement, Green Office Program, Green Classroom Initiative, and Sustainable Curriculum.


Student Engagement

BSOS Sustainability Task Force

The BSOS Sustainability Task Force is made up of students from several departments within the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, as well as Public Policy and Engineering. Each semester the task force chooses a salient problem to campus sustainability and works toward finding a solution. From building a solar powered charging study station, to creating awareness of food behavioral impacts, to working toward decreasing electricity consumption, the students research viable alternatives or enhancements, survey fellow students, and write a grant for implementation funds.

To learn more about the task force, click here.

Green Office Program

BSOS actively participates in Sustainable UMD's Green Office Program. All but two of our 10 departments are participating, along with several BSOS research centers. Many are working toward their bronze certification, four offices have already achieved bronze certification, and four offices have gone further to receiving silver certification!

Gold Certified    
Name of Office GO Rep Certification expires on:
Geographical Sciences - Hartwick Offices Evan Ellicott 31-Aug-17
Silver Certified    
Name of Office GO Rep Certification expires on:
African American Studies Marci Deloatch 9-Dec-17
Anthropology - Department Chair & Administrative Office Erik Hanson, Umai Habibah 21-Jun-17
Geographical Sciences - LeFrak Hall Christine Kang 10-Oct-17
BSOS - Dean's Office Sarah Goff-Tlemsani 30-Nov-16
Criminology & Criminal Justice Lauren Grant                       7-Dec-17





Bronze Certified

 N/A                    26-Sept-17
Name of Office GO Rep Certification expires on:
BSOS Advising Office Brandon Clark 4-Mar-17
Department of Economics N/A                        30-Jun-16
Center for Substance Abuse Research (CESAR) Sandra Carcamo 16-Nov-17
Participating Offices    
Name of Office GO Rep  
Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM) Andrea Wise  
Center for Safe Solutions (CSS) Washington/ Baltimore HIDTA Veronica Pallutch  
Department of Government and Politics Stephanie Drame  
Maryland Neuroimaging Center Sandy Collier  
Sociology Anne Chapman  

Many of the G.O. Reps listed above also serve on the BSOS Sustainability Committee. These staff and faculty meet quarterly to learn about new opportunities, discuss problems or obstacles, and find ways to synergize. The list of the members is here.


Green Classroom Initiative

BSOS is dedicated to keeping our classrooms green! That's why we are encouraging our faculty to utilize ELMS, our online learning management system for courses, to its fullest extent. Using less paper in the classroom not only helps the environment but helps students stay organized, and saves on printing costs. An increasing number of BSOS courses are using online resources rather than paper textbooks.


Sustainable Curriculum

Sustainability is an important topic, not just in environmental classes, but in nearly every class. That's why the Chesapeake Project was implemented. The project is a two-day workshop that trains current faculty to introduce topics of sustainability (environment, economy, equity) into their current courses. To find a list of BSOS courses adapted from the Chesapeake Project, click here.

BSOS is proud to be a partner college in the Environmental Science and Policy Major (ENSP). Half of all majors who earn a degree in ENSP do so in one of the BSOS ENSP Concentrations (GVPT, GEOG, ANTH, SOCY). Many BSOS students and courses participate in the Sustainability Minor, UMD's largest minor. For a list of current BSOS courses approved for the Sustainability Minor click here.


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Dr. Evan Ellicott, ellicott [at] umd [dot] edu
Chair, BSOS Sustainability Committee